Our Menu

Small Plates

plain papadum 1.00
masala papadum 1.70
peanut masala 4.00
spicy potato bhajia 7.00
masala chips 5.00
vegetable samosa 4.00


Chatpata Wings 8.00
One of the signatures and no. 1 seller - a must try.
Honey Wings 8.00
Sweet! Kids love it!
Atomic Wings 11.00
Be aware! Very very hot.
Piri Piri Wings 8.00
Flat and crispy wings in our famous piri piri sauce.

childrens favourites

chicken popcorn 7.50
crispy fried wings 7.00
fried chips 3.50
honey chicken 8.00
fried mango 7.00


King Platter 39.00
A true feast for a King! Contains lamb chops, seekh kebab, chicken tikka Hussaini, chicken 65, chatpata wings, malai tikka, crispy fried prawn & fish Amritsari. Ideal for 3-4 people.
Queen Platter 23.00
Gourmet assortment of Papa J?s selected meat specialities. Contains chicken tikka, seekh kebab, chilli chicken dry, PJ?s chicken tikka & lamb chops. Ideal for 2-3 people.
Vegetable Platter 16.00
Six varieties of Papa J?s specialty vegetarian tapas. Ideal for 2 people.

non-vegetarian tapas

Chilli Chicken Dry 7.50
Cubed Chicken tossed in a wok. A great accompaniment as a tapas dish with your favourite tipple.
Chicken Mongolian 8.50
Strips of Chicken tossed with fenugreek and peanut, a house speciality. A hit with our regulars.
Chicken 65 8.50
Spicy Pan fried cubed and tempered with chilli and curry leaves. A yoghurt based sauce.
PJs Chicken Delicious 7.50
Strips of chicken breast with fresh white garlic sauce poured over just before serving. It is simply delicious.
Chilli Lamb 10.00
Some like it hot. Another Papa J?s creation that starts as pot roast of a leg of lamb, then coated and tossed in a wok to finish. Completely unique.
Crispy Lamb 10.00
By popular demand. Well marinated and perfect for those patrons who like it hot.


Paneer Mongolian 7.50
Pan fried with Garlic, peanuts and fresh Herbs.
Chilli Paneer 7.50
Few carry the mantle for this product and we are renown. Have not changed the recipe from day one . Papa Js no1 dish enjoyed by all
vegetable manchurian 7.00
Vegetarian balls tossed in a wok. You won?t believe it?s not meat! One of our signatures dishes.
gobi 65 (potato 65) 7.50
Prepared in the classic favourite style enjoyed by our loyal and regular patrons.
chilli garlic mushroom 7.50
Mushrooms prepared in a special spicy chatpata garlic sauce.
chilli garlic mogo 7.00
Special preparation of cassava chips with chilli garlic powder served with our chilli sauce
aloo tikki 6.00
Potato fritters on a bed of chickpea masala.
bhindi kurkuri 6.00
Deep-fried okra seasoned with masala chilli, crispy and moorish, an absolute hit as a tapas.

seafood tapas

Fish Mongolian 10.00
Small pieces of flaky fish artfully tossed with fenugreek and peanut, a house speciality. A hit with our regulars.
chilli wala prawn 12.00
Prawns tossed in a wok and cooked hot for our patrons who love their Prawns spicy and crispy.
Crispy Fried Prawns 12.00
The classic Prawn dish that is a favourite too.
Fish Amritsari 9.00
Deep fried fish chunks with liberal flavour of ajwain spice. A North Indian delicacy and a must have.
Garlic Squid 9.00
A new dish on the menu, lightly tossed with Garlic marinade.


masala lamb chops 10.50
Spicy and succulent, long marinade to achieve the tenderness and deep flavours
mutton seekh kebab 7.00
All time favourite skewered lamb mince kebab.
lasooni jhinga 15.50
Mouth-watering king size prawn marinated and roasted garlic with Philadelphia cheese.
chicken tikka hussaini 7.50
Boneless chicken skewered and flavoured with spices. A classic favourite for everyone.
tandoori chicken 7.50
Half chicken, no artificial colour, fresh and succulent, cooked in tandoori oven.
malai tikka 7.50
Chicken marinated in yogurt with ground spices, cream and malai.
ajwaini paneer tikka 7.50
Chargrilled cottage cheese with caraway seeds, spiced and skewered with vegetables and finished in tandoori oven.


lamb curry (on the bone) 11.00
Lamb on its bone marrow for the extra flavour.
lamb rogan josh 10.50
Kashmiri delicacy, cubes of lamb cooked in tomato based gravy. Do not be alarmed by the oil as this is rogan.
saag gosht 10.50
Tender pieces of lamb cooked with either spinach puree or lentil, creating a smooth creamy gravy.
rajasthani lal mass 10.50
Traditional boneless pieces of lamb slow cooked in butter with brown onions, tomatoes and various aromatic spices.


chicken kadhai 10.00
Chicken cooked with Kadhai spices enriched with tomato, onion and red pepper sauce.
chicken chettinadu 8.00
Cubes of chicken breast in south indian spices - slightly hot.
chicken korma 8.00
Cubes of chicken, cashew nuts and coconut sauce - very mild.
chicken tikka masala 8.00
No menu is complete without this great British favourite. This delicious dish is prepared in Papa J?s own style creamy sauce.
murgh kalimirch 8.00
Cooked in a black pepper sauce. Our chef?s signature dishes, you must try at least once. A North Indian specialty.
deshi murgh (on the bone) 10.00
Cooked in traditional curry sauce, enriched with bone marrow.
chicken saag 8.00
Cooked with aromatic spices, spinach, garlic & cumin.


paneer butter masala 7.50
Indian cheese made in a rich butter and tomato-based gravy.
mix vegetable khadhai 7.50
Seasonal vegetable tossed with Khadhai masala.
aloo gobi 7.00
Potato and cauliflower tempered with ginger.
bhindi masala 8.00
Okra tossed with cumin and aromatic spices.
mix vegetable curry 7.00
Vegetable of the day on chef?s special choice.
saag paneer 7.50
Indian cheese cubes in spinach puree.
chana masala 6.50
Chickpeas cooked in thick sauce.
dal bukhara (makhani) 6.00
Whole urid daal slow cooked in overnight.
tadka daal 6.00
Split mung dal, masoor dal, tuwar dal.


fish curry 11.00
Cubes of Talapia fish in traditional masala, coriander seeds green chillies and coconut cream.


lamb biryani 11.00
lamb biryani served with biryani sauce and raita
chicken biryani 11.00
chicken biryani served with biryani sauce and raita
vegetable biryani 10.00
vegetable biryani served with biryani sauce and raita


plain naan 2.00
butter naan 2.30
peshwari naan 3.50
garlic naan 3.00
chilli & garlic naan 3.00
cheese naan 3.00
cheese & garlic naan 3.30
chilli naan 3.00
cheese & chilli naan 3.30
tandoori roti 1.80
butter roti 2.00
lachha paratha 3.00
aaloo paratha 3.00

Rice Favourites

boiled rice 3.50
pulao rice 4.50
egg fried rice 5.50
chicken fried rice 5.50
veg fried rice 5.50
mushroom fried rice 5.50
jeera rice 4.50
cumin seeds


raita 3.00
green salad 3.00