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Papa J's Indian Restaurant in Luton and Milton Keynes.

My favorite childhood memories were summer holidays with my family. Papa took us all over Europe and, without a shadow of a doubt, they’re what engendered my long-standing passion for travel.

Lazy days by the pool were a rare treat, with most our time spent exploring our locality with a rental car and map. Out on dusty old back roads and off the beaten track, we’d stumble on little-known, charmingly rustic places to eat. But the best thing was that we’d almost always end up breaking bread with the locals.

As a foodie family, it didn’t take long to become apparent that on The Continent meals are treated as an ‘event’, with a real sense of occasion. I loved that Europeans ate together and shared almost everything. I loved the jovial, social ambience of mealtimes too, with family and friends all reveling in each other’s company.

The constant hum of chatter and laughter had a lasting impact. It made me realise that above all else eating should be fun. It’s this philosophy that was at the heart of our restaurant when it was founded by my father 13 years ago.

Since then Papa J’s has been handed down to the next generation. But fun, quality and authenticity remain our watchwords to this day.

We offer innovative yet classic food of the highest quality. Using the finest ingredients sourced from the best suppliers, both locally and abroad, Papa J’s serves genuine Indian food, often created by third-generation chefs

In our search for the best of Indian cuisine, we traversed the vast subcontinent and realised that it’s not just language and culture that vary greatly from province and province. Menus and staple dishes differ hugely too. The only common denominator, of course, is spices.

This discovery was our ‘eureka moment’. It made us determined to bring the flavours of all the different provinces to our patrons and, in so doing, create a unique Indian Fusion menu with dishes from right across India. This had never been attempted before and was a bold step. But our approach was, and continues to be, a huge hit with our customers.

Papa J's Indian Tapas and Restaurant

  • Queen Platter
    An Assortment Of Selected Papa Js Meat specialities
  • PJs Chicken Tikka
    Boneless chicken skewered and flavoured with spices, a
    classic favourite for everyone.

Selection FromOUR MENU


Chatpata Wings 9.50
One of the signatures and no. 1 seller - a must try.
Honey Wings 9.95
Sweet! Kids love it!
Atomic Wings 12.00
Be aware! Very very hot.
Piri Piri Wings 9.95
Flat and crispy wings in our famous piri piri sauce.


King Platter 45.00
A true feast for a King! Contains lamb chops, seekh kebab, chicken tikka Hussaini, chicken 65, chatpata wings, malai tikka, crispy fried prawn & fish Amritsari. Ideal for 3-4 people.
Queen Platter 26.00
Gourmet assortment of Papa J?s selected meat specialities. Contains chicken tikka, seekh kebab, chilli chicken dry, PJ?s chicken tikka & lamb chops. Ideal for 2-3 people.
Vegetable Platter 18.00
Six varieties of Papa J?s specialty vegetarian tapas. Ideal for 2 people.


masala lamb chops 10.95 / 3pcs
Spicy and succulent, long marinade to achieve the tenderness and deep flavours
mutton seekh kebab 6.00 / 3pcs
All time favourite skewered lamb mince kebab.
lasooni jhinga 15.50 / 4pcs
Mouth-watering king size prawn marinated and roasted garlic with Philadelphia cheese.
chicken tikka hussaini 8.95 / 5pcs
Boneless chicken skewered and flavoured with spices. A classic favourite for everyone.
tandoori chicken 8.95 / 2pcs
Half chicken, no artificial colour, fresh and succulent, cooked in tandoori oven.
malai tikka 8.95 / 5pcs
Chicken marinated in yogurt with ground spices, cream and malai.
ajwaini paneer tikka 8.95 / 4pcs
Chargrilled cottage cheese with caraway seeds, spiced and skewered with vegetables and finished in tandoori oven.

vegetarian tapas

Paneer Mongolian 9.00
Pan fried with Garlic, peanuts and fresh Herbs.
Chilli Paneer 9.00
Few carry the mantle for this product and we are renown. Have not changed the recipe from day one . Papa Js no1 dish enjoyed by all
vegetable manchurian 8.95
Vegetarian balls tossed in a wok. You won?t believe it?s not meat! One of our signatures dishes.
gobi 65 (potato 65) 8.50
Prepared in the classic favourite style enjoyed by our loyal and regular patrons.
chilli garlic mushroom 8.50
Mushrooms prepared in a special spicy chatpata garlic sauce.
chilli garlic mogo 8.50
Special preparation of cassava chips with chilli garlic powder served with our chilli sauce
aloo tikki 7.50
Potato fritters on a bed of chickpea masala.
bhindi kurkuri 7.50
Deep-fried okra seasoned with masala chilli, crispy and moorish, an absolute hit as a tapas.

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  • Papa J's In Milton Keynes, is a Fabulous restaurant. They have excellent food, and excellent customer service. One of my favourite spots... well worth a visit... I am sure you won't be disappointed.

  • Luvly meal with the missus. Great service and awesome food. Highly recommend the Queen platter and any of the wing dishes.

  • Amazing food yet again! THE BEst Indian in MK!!! Fab service, fab food! family dining at its best! Have had food to eat in and takeaway. Best Indian food in the area.

  • Wow!!! This restaurant is amazing, if you're looking for an Indian like the 100s out there then this isn't the place, however if you're looking for fresh authentic Indian food cooked how it should be this is definitely the restaurant.

  • The concept of Indian tapas is great allowing you to try a selection of dishes, portions are plenty and for the first time an Indian restaurant with amazing deserts. I cannot praise this restaurant enough, coming from an Indian background I'm extremely particular about Indian food, Papa js will not disappoint, definitely worth a visit.

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